Beyond its basic utility in sustaining life, water has a multifaceted value with substantial cultural, economic and environmental importance. This article will explore the significance of water, the ways it transcends its fundamental role to influence nearly every aspect of ...
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The final countdown is on for COP26, described as ‘the world’s best last chance to get runaway climate change under control’. With just days to go ahead of the October 31st start date the final events and panels are being added to the Green Zone agenda. We are del...
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January 15, 2021
Our Chair, Lord Malcolm Bruce, former Chair of the Parliamentary Select Committee on International Development, discusses the role Water Unite has in Build Back Better in a Post-Covid world. Key Take Outs:Successful businesses are adaptableTackling the climate & rebuilding t...
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December 17, 2020
Duncan Goose, our Founder, has taken a look back at Water Unite's year in 2020 in our new film."2020 has been a really interesting year for lots of reasons, not least because of all the COVID impact, but from a Water Unite perspective, I think there's been some fantastic pro...
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With the coronavirus (COVID-19) breaking through the containment barrier and now entering the ‘delay’ stage, advice and opinion from every quarter isn’t hard to come by. Many of us are lucky enough to live in developed economies with advanced healthcare systems, effect...
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