November 18, 2021
COP26 has come and gone. The circus has packed up and left town, leaders and activists from Boris Johnson to Greta Thunberg have shared their words. In its wake, over 140 countries have committed to net zero goals, covering 90% of global emissions. But will our governments s...
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[Steve Murrells, CEO of The Co-op, and Catherine Roe, CEO of Elior UK, signing the Water Unite compact]...
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Generous support from the Rockefeller, Osprey, Stone Family and Vitol Foundations enabled the feasibility and initial set up phase of Water Unite. Co-op, the UK’s largest community retailer, has signed a Partnership Compact as a pioneer partner - every branded bottle sold ...
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Co-op UK has become the first company to join the Water Unite initiative.

The Co-op UK already donates money from the sales of its own-label bottled water, but will extend its commitment to donate a penny per litre from all branded water it sells across its 2,600 stores in the UK to contribute to the initiative. Steve Murrells, Group Chief Executi...
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