In 1998 Duncan Goose was caught in Hurricane Mitch, a deadly Atlantic storm that killed more than 19,000 people in Central America. He saw millions left homeless and without fresh water. The experience led him to found One, a UK based bottled water and drinks brand which has donated over $20 million to water projects, providing water services to 3.3 million people.  

Since 2006

With 800 million people still lacking access to reliable, safe water and sanitation, ending water poverty clearly needs a much more ambitious approach. As world leaders discussed the Sustainable Development Goals at the United Nations, it was clear that achieving Goal 6 ā€“ clean water and sanitation for all by 2030 ā€“ would need a huge boost in investment. With global bottled water sales approaching $200 billion by 2020, Duncan could see the potential for raising much greater sums if just one cent from every litre of bottled water sold was directed to a global fund for sustainable water services. 


In 2015, the Rockefeller Foundation generously supported the work of a small team of experts and strategists to develop and test the concept for a Global Investment Fund for Water. 8 The following year, former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, Chair of the Sanitation and Water for All partnership, agreed to offer his support.

In the research phase, it became clear to us how giving access to clean water and sanitation was interconnected to the environmental implications of such a mission. Our goal for the future is to reduce the plastics issue by preventing and minimising the impact of marine and terrestrial pollution.   


In April 2017, Mr. Rudd hosted a meeting of bottlers, retailers, water experts and NGOs in Washington DC.  Around the table were representatives of some of the worldā€™s biggest bottled water brands. Global Citizen, a movement of millions of people, joined the effort as communications partner and 29,000 of their members signed up in support.


The Water Unite brand was conceived and developed in 2017, and formally launched on 22 March, 2018, World Water Day. 

Today, Water Unite aims to be nothing less than a globally-recognised brand and mark of industry best practice, with the potential to improve the lives of billions of people.  

8. See the Global Investment Fund for Water website for further information: giffwater.org