Investments have been made for programmes based on an approach to funding that is catalytic and has the potential to leverage additional financing. To find out more about our programmes read our latest impact report below.

Programme Case Studies


Jibu pairs financing with an innovative franchise model to empower entrepreneurs to provide for their communities basic needs.

Decentralised, on-site productions allows franchises to sell high volumes directly from their high visibility retail points to end-customers across Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya, Ghana, Tanzania, DRC, Zambia and Burundi.


Sanivation, based in Naivasha (Kenya), build and operate circular economy treatment plants which take in sludge from pit latrines and septic tanks.

This waste is treated then and combined with other waste products such as sawdust to produce a solid fuel, or brickette. These briquettes provide a low carbon bioenergy alternative to fossil fuel.

Mr Green Africa

Mr Green Africa, an East African plastics pioneer, solves waste and exploitation issues by providing a transparent value chain, sourcing recycled plastic waste ethically whilst giving waste pickers their fair share.

Their model revolves around collecting waste from waste pickers and businesses and transporting them to their own recycling plants to produce high quality recycled plastics.

Impact Report 2021/2022 - Investing in impact