Make Every Sip Count: Support Clean Water Projects with Robinsons and Water Unite

Welcome to the Robinsons partnership with Water Unite! Back by popular demand in 2024, our commitment to supporting vital clean water projects continues. With every purchase of Robinsons Family Favourites, Creations, Robinsons RTD, and Fruitshoot drinks at Co-op stores, you're contributing to a brighter future by making a 1p per litre donation towards Water Unite's initiatives.

This collaboration started in 2020, and we are thrilled to reignite this campaign to address water poverty and scarcity issues. Robinsons customers hold the power to drive positive change simply by enjoying their favourite drinks. Through in-store promotions and a strong online presence via social media, we're spreading the word about how your everyday purchase can become a catalyst for transformative projects.

The need for clean water is urgent and critical. Shockingly, 785 million people worldwide lack access to clean water and 52% of the world's population is projected to live in water-stressed regions by 2050, the significance of addressing this issue has never been more pressing.


Your support enables Water Unite to collaborate with remarkable programmes like Jibu. In their tireless effort to combat water poverty across Africa, Jibu established a decentralized solution for accessing safe drinking water affordably. By utilizing innovative solar-powered technology, Jibu purifies water from diverse sources like groundwater, surface water, and piped water.

Jibu's franchisee model not only ensures access to clean water but also fosters job creation and entrepreneurship opportunities within local communities. Jibu's incredible impact includes producing over 125 million liters of clean, safe drinking water annually, serving almost 500,000 people.

Join us!

Since the campaign's inception in 2020, our collective efforts have raised over £350,000. Our goal for this campaign is to reach [Insert Target Amount] to further bolster these life-changing initiatives.

But wait, there's more! As a thank you for your support, customers stand a chance to win exclusive merchandise through the Co-op Membership App. Keep an eye out for exciting opportunities and giveaways to further engage with the campaign and earn rewards.

Stay tuned for three additional significant activations throughout the year, taking place in-store. These activations will highlight and celebrate our partnership, providing more opportunities for you to get involved and make a difference.

Join us in this journey towards a world where clean water is accessible to all. Every time you choose Robinsons at Co-op stores, you're contributing to life-changing water projects. Follow us on social media to stay updated on our progress and learn more about how your support is making a difference.

Robinsons and Water Unite are grateful for your continued support. Together, let's raise a glass to a future where clean water flows freely for everyone, everywhere.