Steve Norris, Director & Co-founder of Get More Vits, and Lord Malcolm Bruce, Chair of Water Unite
Steve Norris, Director & Co-founder of Get More Vits, and Lord Malcolm Bruce, Chair of Water Unite

London, 11.01.2024 - Water Unite, a global non-profit, is thrilled to announce the addition of Get More Vits as the latest partner to adopt its voluntary micro-contribution initiative in an effort to combat global water scarcity. Get More Vits, the UK’s number one selling Vitamin drink, will be donating for each bottle sold in Co-op stores, with the proceeds funding water programmes across Africa and Asia.

The partnership will be invaluable in furthering Water Unite’s mission to provide clean water for people and planet. 771 million people still don't have clean water close to home and 1.7 billion people lack access to a toilet. Due to the impact of climate change, 52% of the world's population will live in water-stressed regions by 2050.

Micro-contributions made by Get More Vits will enable local entrepreneurs to scale their social enterprises beyond an initial idea into a thriving business making a greater positive impact and providing employment in their communities. 

These enterprises include clean water innovator Jibu, which works across eight countries in East Africa. Jibu currently operates 132 water production and distribution franchises, serving 7,500 resale points reaching nearly 500,000 consumers. 

With an ethos towards sustainability that compliments Water Unite’s mission and vision, Get More Vits will be a valued new partner, enabling their consumers to make a difference by purchasing as well as promoting sustainable business practices, offsetting carbon emissions and promoting fair wages for employees.

Steve Norris, Director and Co-founder of Get More Vits stated, “We at Get More Vits are thrilled to join forces with Water Unite on a mission to ensure that safe and clean water reaches every corner of the world. Through this collaboration, we are proud to contribute to impactful projects like Jibu, providing opportunities and sustainable solutions that address the challenge of global water scarcity. This partnership exemplifies our dedication to making a positive difference in the world, enabling millions of people to live much healthier, sustainable lives.”

On the new partnership with Get More Vits, Lord Malcolm Bruce, Chair of Water Unite, commented “Get More Vits joining Water Unite as a partner marks a significant step towards amplifying our shared commitment to global access to clean water. Their dedication to health and sustainability aligns with our mission and the values we hold. Together, we aim to make an even greater impact, ensuring that everyone has access to safe and clean water, a fundamental necessity for a healthier world.”

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Water Unite is a global non-profit working to provide clean water for people and planet. This is done by uniting corporate partners around a common collective action - namely to create a small micro-contribution from products and services to fill the funding gaps in the water sector. Large corporates including Co-op, Elior PLC and Britvic PLC have already joined and adopted the model. To date Water Unite has supported nine projects in the water and circular economy sectors, directly benefiting over one million individuals across Africa and Asia.

For more information please visit: waterunite.org


Lord Bruce has been Chair of Water Unite since 2019. He was the UK Member of Parliament for Gordon from 1983 until 2015 through seven general elections. In that capacity, he carried a number of portfolios and served on many committees notably covering economic affairs, energy and the environment and chaired the International Development Committee from 2005 to 2015. Perhaps, most notably, he persuaded DFID to review and raise its policy commitment to the water and sanitation sector.

Biography here: waterunite.org/page/who-we-are_lord_malcolm_bruce/#lordbruce


Get More Vits is the UK's number 1 selling and best-loved vitamin drinks brand. Founded in 2013 by Steve Norris and Chris Arrigoni, Get More Vits offers people of all ages a tasty, convenient and healthy way to get their daily dose of vitamins. Made with UK sourced spring water and natural fruit flavours, each drink is sugar free, low calorie and contains a daily dose of vitamins.

For more information, please visit: https://getmorevits.com