Based on an approach to financing that is catalytic and has the potential to leverage additional financing, early investments have been identified for initial programmes:


Plastics for Change

Fair Trade recycled plastic

India generates an estimated 62 million tonnes of waste annually. Up to 4 million waste pickers sort and segregate recyclable waste and sell it further up the value chain. Waste pickers often hail from the most marginalised communities in urban spaces. Plastics for Change’s programme revolves around strengthening the supply chain of waste management with regard to plastic waste and intervening to minimise exploitation of waste pickers. Using mobile technology they have created the world’s first Fair Trade plastic (currently sold in THE BODY SHOP). A fair price for the plastic collected by waste pickers is guaranteed. Also, the middlemen like scrap shop owners are incentivised on the goods they procure and price they pay. Ensuring the waste picking community gets a fair price for their collection and minimising exploitation.



Mobilizing blended finance for water security


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Sanitation For Millions (S4M)

Improving access to safely managed sanitation and hygiene

Pakistan, Jordan and Uganda

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Gjeng​e Makers

Recycling plastic waste into construction materials


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